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One other thing I want to mention to you which we really don’t talk about very much, but it’s become significant enough that you probably should be aware of it. The strong dollar, the weak euro actually has a negative P&L impact on our Company because inter company loans, these are not loans of outside people. But the way it works is that the loans are denominated in dollars, so with interest rates on business loans the weak euro, our French location, have to come up with more euros to pay the loans off and there are negative impacts to the P&L. These are really not cash items, they’re book items, but in the third quarter, it was $96,000, in the second quarter $81,000, first quarter $41,000. Now if the currencies level off, obviously that issue goes away but I just thought you should be aware of it, those are all SG&A items, by the way, those negative impacts. Let’s go to a discussion about the third quarter and the fourth quarter. The third quarter is pretty much a continuation of the second quarter in terms of it being an electronics story, electronics continue to be weak, the electronic revenues continue to be weak as you noted already from mass commentary. Aerospace is not really the story here in terms of explaining the P&L weakness and the top line weakness, it really continues to be an electronic story, at least it did in the third quarter continue to be an electronics story. So as far as the fourth quarter is concerned though, I thought you’d be interested to know that we got off to, I would say, a very good start.


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